Head Office Support : 0861 633 334

At MedEDI®, we take sup­port very seri­ously, and we believe that every client should be assisted as quickly as possible.

That is why we have an estab­lished on-line sup­port sys­tem that oper­ates from our com­puter cen­tre and is avail­able to all signed-on prac­tices, week­days from 08:30 to 16:30. Sim­ply call sup­port at 0861 633 334.

This allows for the rapid, effi­cient and per­sonal han­dling of any soft­ware related prob­lems or queries that a prac­tice may have, and is avail­able at no addi­tional cost to our clients.

If you would rather ask a sup­port ques­tion by e-mail, please fill out and sub­mit the form below. Please note how­ever that tele­phonic queries take prece­dence over e-mail support.