Practice Perfect

Prac­tice Per­fect Information

Med­ical EDI Ser­vices (Pty) Lim­ited have part­nered their flag­ship Prac­tice Man­age­ment soft­ware, MedEDI® CPS, with Prac­tice Per­fect™ Elec­tronic Health Record soft­ware, pro­vid­ing med­ical prac­ti­tion­ers with a seam­lessly inte­grated Prac­tice Man­age­ment, Billing and Elec­tronic Health Record package.

This easy to use soft­ware is log­i­cal and intu­itive, and takes into account usual work­flow of prac­tices. Patient his­tory and exam­i­na­tion notes are gen­er­ated auto­mat­i­cally in expanded text by sim­ply select­ing appro­pri­ate tick boxes, reduc­ing reliance on the users key­board proficiency.

The soft­ware also man­ages all other aspects per­tain­ing to the patients health record.

Prac­tice Per­fect Benefits

  • Cap­ture com­pre­hen­sive patient history.
  • Cap­ture back­ground med­ical and sur­gi­cal history.
  • Record social history.
  • Man­age immu­niza­tion schedules.
  • Record exam­i­na­tion findings.
  • Record diag­no­sis and pro­ce­dures performed.
  • Gen­er­ate pre­scrip­tions with ease.
  • Keep track of cur­rent, chronic and past medication.
  • Cap­ture aller­gies and adverse reactions.
  • Man­age pathol­ogy and radi­ol­ogy requests.
  • Pathol­ogy results deliv­ered elec­tron­i­cally and attach auto­mat­i­cally to patient file.
  • Rapidly gen­er­ate refer­ral let­ters and med­ical certificates.
  • And much much more.

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