Ek wil graag vir julle (Mededi) sê baie dankie vir julle pro­gram! Ons was op ‘n oplei­d­ing sessie saam met SAMA, en daar was ander prak­tyke wat van die ander pro­gramme gebruik. Daar het ons net besef ons het eint­lik ‘n baie “awe­some” pro­gram. Baie dankie dat julle luis­ter as ons bel en ons prob­leme probeer uit­sort so gou as moont­lik. Dankie dat julle kyk daarna om die prak­tyk se pro­gram so mak­lik as moont­lik te laat vloeie. Dankie dat julle dit vir ons gemak­liker maak.

- Jacque­line of Dr Louise Engel­brecht en Genote Prac­tice, Pretoria.

Even when used by an indi­vid­ual who is not very com­puter lit­er­ate the MedEDI® pro­gramme is fan­tas­tic! It is the best we’ve ever had at this prac­tice.

- Charleen of Dr D.J. Steenkamp’s Prac­tice, Morn­ing­side, Durban.

I am so thank­ful for your pro­gram and we are thrilled with every aspect the pro­gram has to offer. Never before have we been so much more in con­trol over our finances. In fact I think your pro­gram is the solu­tion to most med­ical prac­tices who are deal­ing with med­ical aid funds. It is user friendly, and your back up sup­port is excel­lent. A spe­cial thanks for your patience, in train­ing our staff!

- Doc­tor Johan Nel and Deb­o­rah Nel, Atlasville Gauteng.

When­ever I hear “MedEDI®” I just s-m-i-l-e! I am still very happy with the pro­gramme, my finances have improved with the pay­ments being made so quickly. You guys are just great!

- Ikes Psy­cho­log­i­cal Services

I have no regrets after see­ing your rep. and installing MedEDI®. I am in the Zul­u­land area and know that I have the BEST! Thanks for all your sup­port.

- Dr. Ntim­bane Eshowe area.

I have used the MedEDI® sys­tem since Jan­u­ary 2007 and have been very impressed with its effi­ciency. The sys­tem is sim­ple and easy to use. Cash flow improve­ments are noticed imme­di­ately and bad debt rates are dra­mat­i­cally reduced. I have no hes­i­ta­tion in rec­om­mend­ing MedEDI® as the sim­plest and most effi­cient sys­tem.

- Dr Aslam Amod, Spe­cial­ist Physi­cian Endocri­nol­o­gist, Durban.

The sys­tem works very well. So well that you don’t really have the debt with most med­ical aids any­more — the ones that use real-time billing. To be hon­est it has been 100% suc­cess rate for us. I have not had any pay­ments that were not granted.

- Chi­ro­prac­tor Dr Anthony Peers