MedEDI® Product Overview

Our highly spe­cialised online sys­tem allows prac­tices to take advan­tage of imme­di­ate claim and pay­ment col­lec­tion sys­tems that, until now, were only avail­able to large insti­tu­tions. It sup­ports gen­eral prac­ti­tion­ers as well as a range of allied dis­ci­plines and spe­cial­ists and is avail­able nationally.

MedEDI® CPS is multi-functional and sup­ports mul­ti­ple users. It uses the power of a Windows-based sys­tem, while retain­ing the user-friendliness of the older DOS-based sys­tems. The Win­dows plat­form also allows us to read­ily incor­po­rate reg­u­lar pro­gram updates

The MedEDI® CPS soft­ware han­dles with ease and elim­i­nates some of the tedious, time-consuming billing tasks. At every step, from reg­is­tra­tion of a patient through to ICD10 codes, billing and pay­ments, MedEDI® CPS gives the provider crit­i­cal guid­ance and time-saving assis­tance. With the user-friendly pro­gram inter­face, train­ing is gen­er­ally uncom­pli­cated and painless.

Have a look at the demo.

MedEDI® Makes it Easy!

  1. Send the claim
  2. Get an imme­di­ate med­ical scheme response
  3. Col­lect on patient liable amount before patient leaves


Real-time tech­nol­ogy doesn’t have to be dif­fi­cult… in fact, we believe that it is eas­ier con­sid­er­ing how much time is saved by not hav­ing to han­dle so much paper­work at a later date.

MedEDI® treats every claim indi­vid­u­ally and trans­ports it directly into the med­ical funder’s sys­tem for imme­di­ate pro­cess­ing. The med­ical scheme acknowl­edges receipt of the claim, ver­i­fies the details, checks the claim against scheme rules/patient ben­e­fits and then con­firms that the claim has been processed for pay­ment. This process takes approx­i­mately six seconds!

The near-immediate reply from the med­ical scheme con­tains a unique claim ref­er­ence num­ber plus a detailed response show­ing what amounts they will pay and the amount for which the patient is liable. With this response from the med­ical scheme in hand, you can imme­di­ately invoice (and very often col­lect) the patient’s liable amount before he or she leaves your rooms.

MedEDI® CPS incor­po­rates a com­plete credit card pro­cess­ing solu­tion enabling your prac­tice to col­lect on the entire bill from within the sys­tem. It pro­vides secure online pay­ment and sup­ports widely used credit cards includ­ing Visa, Mas­ter­card, Din­ers Club and AMEX.

Tech­ni­cally speaking…

For secu­rity, we use secure con­nec­tions and encrypted data. Our server val­i­dates and then tracks each indi­vid­ual claim from our mem­ber Prac­tice Man­age­ment Appli­ca­tion (PMA) via the switch to the Fun­der and back to the PMA. Since MedEDI® is able to trans­act with a num­ber of switches, it is able to extract the best func­tion­al­ity from each. The prac­tice no longer needs to deal with mul­ti­ple switch­ing com­pa­nies in order to achieve effi­ciency. Fur­ther­more, because we receive data from many prac­tices, we are able to imme­di­ately iden­tify issues which are either of a gen­eral nature, or funder-specific. We respond to these issues directly and effi­ciently, and notify the prac­tices accordingly.

The switch itself, in per­form­ing essen­tially a rout­ing func­tion, now receives data from only one source and in a stan­dard for­mat, and not from a mul­ti­tude of PMAs in dif­fer­ing for­mats. This process enhances the effi­ciency of Claim trans­mis­sion, result­ing in fewer rejec­tions and improved turn­around times.